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Investing into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals can ensure you not only long-term capital growth but it can also provide a better balance to your personal savings or retirement schemes, because it provides a valuable spreading of risk in tangible assets, which are your personal property, and over which you have personal control.

Investing into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals is not exclusively for investors with large amounts of investment capital, it is also ideal for those investors with savings plans because rare coins and banknotes can be collected gradually, piece by piece, with no hidden charges or expenses.

Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov is the recognized leader on the specialized investment market with high-quality rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals. Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov has one of the largest selections of Czechoslovakian rarities in the areas of e.g. the Order of the White Lion 1st degree, 500 Crown banknotes from the 16th of May 1919, 10 Ducats coins from 1951, and 4 Crown light green/black reprint, wide format, veined paper stamps etc.

Why consider investing into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals?

There are several important reasons why it is prudent for investors to consider investing a portion of their available resources into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals.

SPREADING AND REDUCING RISK - Today any experienced financial expert would recommend spreading your resources into different parts of the financial market. Investing in rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals provides benefits that are “tangible” – a welcome contrast to a piece of paper you receive from shares, funds, bonds and trust funds ... In other words, you have both physical ownership and control over you owned investment. In addition to providing your investments “material balance”, investing in rare coins and banknotes also reduces the investment risk because the market for rare coins, banknotes, stamps, medals, etc. moves in different circles to shares, property and fixed interest. The result is that you spread your investment over a wider range of assets, so that when one or two items do not yield very well, a better appreciation of others can compensate for this deficiency.

PROVEN CAPITAL GROWTH - rare specimens are highly valued for their “potential to increase in value” from the time before Christ and the quality of Czechoslovakian rare coins and banknotes due to their small numbers (and a small population) still shows continuous earnings. During the past few years, the development of prices in key, high-quality items has not ceased. These specimens are gaining value at a ratio in excess of 10% per annum and in some cases in the range of 15-20% per annum. Advantages of investing into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals.

NO FEES - no preliminary fees, management fees, government taxes, banking or legal expenses.

MAINTENANCE FEES - rare specimens can be easily stored and require no fees for storage or maintenance.

IDEAL FAMILY HEIRLOOM - rare coins, banknotes, stamps or medals do not diminish and will become an irreplaceable and valuable family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

FLEXIBILITY - no fines, fees for early sale or time deposits like with other forms of investment.

MOBILITY - valuable collections of rare specimens can literally be placed in a matchbox and relocated anywhere in the world.

PEACE OF MIND – NO PROBLEMS - investment into rare coins, banknotes, stamps and medals does not require continuous supervision or control ... Once the initial transaction is complete, buyers can safely store their items away and forget about them.

MARKET FOR CZECHOSLOVAKIAN RARE COINS, BANKNOTES, STAMPS AND MEDALS The Czech numismatic market can be divided into five key parts suitable for investment. Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov recommends spreading investments over these key areas, so that the result is a well-balanced investment designed to achieve the best possible return as well as protection and security.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN GOLD DUCATS FROM THE PERIOD OF THE FIRST REPUBLIC The attraction of gold is always apparent and there is still a great demand for the best quality and key Czechoslovakian gold coins. Although the value of many gold ducats changes daily with the actual value of gold, a “small percentage” of coins suitable for investment are worth much more and are valued disproportionately to the value of gold based on their individual rarity and quality. Rare Czechoslovakian ducats are items to be “put away”.

KEY CZECHOSLOVAKIAN FALERISTIC, NUMISMATIC AND PHILATELIC RARITIES We have the “largest” and “most popular” Czechoslovakian rare specimens, and although there may not necessarily be a small quantity of them available, their popularity and great demand ensures their rapid growth in price and easy liquidity. Items in this category include the Order of the White Lion, one of the rarest awards, Saint Wenceslaus ducats - popular Czechoslovakian gold coins, the famous 500 Crown banknote from the 16th of May 1919 and the well-known 50/50 h postage stamp with printing errors.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN BANKNOTES AND MEDALS are the “hottest” and best earners in recent years and have shown incredible returns for investors. Banknotes and medals are more demanding in terms of storage and must be carefully maintained as the paper and enamel wear out quickly and they are relatively easy to damage and it is harder to find good specimens from the early 19th century than their equivalent in coins. This, together with the large increase in interest from collectors/investors, can mean a very impressive return! High quality early Czechoslovakian banknotes and medals from the First Republic and after 1945 are recommended items for investment.

As you can see, this set of 12 high-quality representative medals, stamps, coins and banknotes contains many items with which Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov regularly trade.
    QUALITY VALUE IN YEARS 1989-1990 VALUE IN YEARS 1993-1994 VALUE IN YEARS 2003-2004
vyznamenání Řád Bílého Lva, II.stupeň, originálí etue, civilní skupina,prvorepublikový typ 1/1/1 18.000.- 35.000.- 74.000.-
vyznamenání Řád Rudé Zástavy ČSSR, originál etue 1/1/1 5000.- 8.000.- 25.000.-
vyznamenání Velitelský Řád Jana Žižky z Trocnova, I.stupeň 1/1 7000.- 9000.- 35000.-
mince 10 K 1933 0/0 10.000. 15.000.- 55.000.-
mince 10 D 1930 0/0 14.000.- 29.000.- 100.000.-
mince 5 D 1935 0/0 9.000.- 12.000.- 55.000.-
bankovka 500 K 15.4.1919 1/1 25.000.- 45.000.- 500.000.-
bankovka 100 K 15.4.1919 N 5000.- 12.000.- 73.000.-
bankovka 500 K 6.10.1923 1/1 8000 15.000.- 130.000.-
známka Pošta Československá 4 K sv.zelená/černý přetisk, široký formát, žilkovaný papír xx 600.000.- 1.700.000.- 2.500.000.-
známka Pošta Československá 10 K sv.fialová/černý přetisk, široký formát, žilkovaný papír xx 400.000.- 1.000.000.- 1.500.000.-
známka Doplatní 50/50h červená/fialový, chybotisk razítkovaná 400.000.- 1.000.000.- 1.500.000.-

Note: Various evaluations from 1989 -1990 are approximate because corporate rates were not available at that time. All other evaluations are from public auctions, catalogues or actual sales. These values do not correspond to the possible future return. We believe that the information and recommendations contained herein are accurate and reliable, but we assume no liability and are not responsible for their bad or careless use. All information is provided without taking into consideration the customer’s personal or investment plans or their financial situation. Potential investors should seek professional advice from the individual fields of expertise.
MAIN PARTS OF SUCCESSFUL COLLECTIONS OF RARE COINS AND BANKNOTES Three key elements determine the market value and therefore the investment value of Czechoslovakian rare coins, banknotes, medals, etc. They are the individual quality, rarity and popularity of the item.

QUALITY Only a very small percentage of items that are available on the market are of adequate quality suitable for investors. The old adage “Buy the best that you can afford” is true when investing in Czechoslovakian rare coins and banknotes. High quality rare specimens offer significantly better returns than those with lower quality, so the decision is clear.

RARITY Many people automatically think that age is the most important factor in determining the value of rare coins or banknotes. The opposite is true, the age of a particular element is irrelevant, e.g. ancient Roman coins minted about 2,000 years ago may only be worth 1,200 CZK compared to 23,000 CZK for the more recent 1994 St. Vitus Cathedral 200 CZK commemorative coin. Similarly, originally recorded coin data are unimportant and may often be inaccurate and in such cases many of the pieces would be melted down or destroyed. The number of examples that are available on the market today is not the number that the records show was originally minted, and that is important.

POPULARITY Although the quality and rarity are crucial to the final value of coins, banknotes, stamps and medals, the item could still have a low value if no investors or collectors wanted to buy it, so popularity also plays an important role in the final market price. In many cases, an item that may be one of the few recorded today may earn less than an item that is one of 2,000 pieces. This difference is a result of how well-known and popular the item is, and thus determines if it turns out to be a good investment or not.

HOW TO INVEST INTO CZECHOSLOVAKIAN OR CZECH RARE MEDALS, COINS, BANKNOTES OR STAMPS with Numfil Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov can offer you a simple investment purchase of rare specimens. Your purchase can be made in person in our showroom in Znojmo or via telephone, fax or the Internet. The order may be picked up in person, or sent by post or delivery service worldwide. Payments can be made by check, cash, bank transfer or money order. You can buy items during a virtual or personal visit to or for an investment proposal you can simply fill in our portfolio form and send it to Numismatics and Philately Kovaljov.


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