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Numismatics and philately Kovalev as a recognized expert in " quality investment " in Czechoslovak rare stamps offers specialized investment portfolio individually tailored to meet each client's needs , requirements and budget.
As well as other investment sectors is worthwhile to deal with experienced professionals who are focused on their area of ​​concern , as Numismatics and philately Kovalev . We choose "only those items" which worked well, and who subsequently under investment portfolio and these are the key rare specimens of the highest quality , for which demand is high, which ensures rapid growth rates and also good liquidity in the market.
Please fill out the following application and return it to numismatics and philately Kovaljov either by fax or e - mail and on the basis of the applications you select Best quality according to your desired order.
All portfolios of rare items can be picked up in person either at our shop on November 17, 18 , Znojmo or offer totally free of charge and insured delivery to any destination worldwide and it.

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5000 Kč 2015 Mariánský most v Ústí nad Labem
Price: 858,00 EUR
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Německý zábor - sestava 3 k.s let. celistvostí do Berlína, zajímavé frankatury, razítka
Price: 15,60 EUR
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R-dopis frank. zn. Mi. č. 874, 943-5, 950 s raz. SALZBURG FESTSPILLE 1950
Price: 5,85 EUR
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R-let. dopis do Prahy frank. zn. Mi. č. 955 - 6 ve dvoupáskách, zajímavé
Price: 11,70 EUR
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